About Us

Autoshield was opened in 1986 and is owned and managed by Marios Kriticos, who started the company after returning from the Middle East where he worked as a service manager for BMW and later as an engineer in the transport department at Dubai Airport.

Originally Autoshield specialised in automotive electrical work and soon became a regular service agent for the main Maserati dealer in Manchester. Now acting as a consultant it wasn’t long before Marios was asked to become an official Maserati service centre for the North West and Autoshield Maserati was born. After a few years he was then offered the opportunity to expand into a full dealership, but declined. Preferring instead to focus on the service side of the business.

Now an established specialist in all things Maserati and Ferrari, Autoshield Maserati have a wealth of experience covering everything from the ‘classic’ cars and Bi-Turbo’s right through to the latest GT’s and Quatroporte’s.

Marios is a respected member of the Maserati Club UK and regularly attends their events. With a personal collection of old, rare and modern Maserati’s, Marios is as passionate about the marque as his customers. He’s also a regular participant in an annual European driving tour where he participates as a driver, offers technical support to other drivers and contributes the fund raising effort. A true enthusiast!