Classic Maserati


Maserati parked on driveway

"I have been an Autoshield customer for 15 years now. From 3200’s, Gransports, QPV’s and Granturismos, on to Ghiblis and Levantes, Autoshield know them all well. As the country’s oldest independent, they consistently provide the very highest levels of service. Marios, Russell, Johnny and Elliot are all extremely knowledgeable and the best people to trust working on your pride and joy."
Richard Grace

Maserati interior

"I have had a nearly six year relationship with Autoshield that has seen them look after all of my Maseratis, Ferraris and other special cars. There does not appear to be an issue Marios and his team have not encountered and resolved previously. I’ve yet to see them stumped by anything, and they frequently end up fixing problems that other specialists have failed to. I feel part of the Autoshield family, and that is a genuine privilege."
Robert Crooks

Row of exotic cars

"I am not a member of any car clubs and as a consequence, during my ownership of the Maserati, I have struggled to find a thoroughly competent garage that can meet my needs and treat the car as it deserves. Autoshield is the best garage I have ever used for my car and that includes the Maserati dealerships. Anyone looking to use them should have absolutely no hesitation, you will not regret it."
Mark Currie

Classic Maserati

"I have used Autoshield regularly for 27 years and have always found them knowledgeable, helpful, resourceful and enthusiastic. They have significantly contributed to my enjoyment of Maserati ownership."
Simon Edwards

Classic car driving on country road

"After Autoshield’s work on my Maserati Spyder I am very pleased with the car’s performance. This has been the first time in 12 months of ownership that I have really enjoyed driving the car - even the passenger approves!"
Christopher Hodgson

Classic cars at car show near Manchester

"Marios and the team at Autoshield have a deep knowledge of Maserati cars and as a result have an enviable and well deserved reputation. They are always obliging, efficient and sociable, nothing is too much trouble. I would not take my cars anywhere else."
Bill Franks